Wednesday, January 27, 2021


These disorders related to diet are often ignored, know why

Many people have many extraordinary and bad habits associated with eating food in their daily routine, which is called Eating Disorder. While eating disorder can occur at any age, both women or men, but it is most...
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Cathy Wood: Bitcoin ETF Approval Impossible Market Cap Rises Around $ 2T – Coindesk

Kathy Wood, chief executive of Orc Investment Management, said he doubted U.S. regulators would give the green light...
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Blockchain bites: Universities gain bitcoin exposure as institutional ETH appetite increases – Coindesk

Three storiesLooking for overstock Exit its blockchain related investments, Reported by Tanjil Akhtar of Koindesk. The online shopping giant that crypto-hype has...

Senate approves Janet Yellen as US Treasury Secretary

Janet Yellen is the US 78th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.The former Federal Reserve chair and longtime economist received enough votes in the...

Marcelo Prates – The Future of Money in Multiverse – Koindesk

The year is 2026. Although no new coronavirus form has become epidemic since 2025, the three passengers on board the plane in...

Ethereum’s Ether cryptocurrency sets new all-time high above All 1,450 – Coindesk

The price of the native cryptocurrency ether (ETH) of the Ethereum blockchain network reached record levels on Sunday.