Monday, January 18, 2021

US Election 2020

Shock Trump! Trial had to be withdrawn in Michigan, Georgia-Arizona too difficult

US Election Result: After a setback in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Trump's team has withdrawn a lawsuit challenging the victory of President Elect Joe Biden in Michigan. Trump's team has asked a judge in Pennsylvania to dismiss Biden's...

Democrats have rigged the vote! Trump threatens to go to the Supreme Court

“We’re going to win in a lot of provinces,” Trump said. All that remains is an announcement.
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Latest News

Archer Jeff Dorman in Crypto Trends to watch in 2021

What effect will crypto have on the nature of companies? Will test in crypto Governance Lab How...
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Central Bank’s digital currencies are not a ‘fad’, says MetLife Investment – Coindesk

The investment giant predicts that CBDCs will continue to generate steam, although "an opening in the West is unlikely to happen anytime soon."

Crash, Rally, and Stimulus: 2021 A Common Week for Bitcoin

The second full business week of January showed many trends that NLW Arguments will form Bitcoin and Crypto throughout the year.This episode is...

3 IQ’s Canadian Bitcoin Fund C $ 1B hits market cap – Coindesk

The Director of Digital Resources has crossed a key milestone this week.

Blockchain Bites: Coinbase Crowdsource wants to list assets; What is the condition of Tithar’s bank? – Coindesk

Bitcoin is reddish after the announcement of President-elect Joe Biden last evening $ 1.9 trillion stimulus plan.Top shelfPartners of partnersThe Bitcoin ETC Group's...