Monday, January 24, 2022

A special “Best of” for 2021 holidays: Haiti’s transition to modern finance

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This week and next, we’re taking an end-of-year vacation with the new episodes of “Money Reimagined”. Instead, we’re serving up a few of our favorites from this year.

This week’s pick was Sheila Warren’s: Haiti episode of May 21.

It was then that Sheila and co-host Michael Casey were joined by Jerry Tardieu, a Haitian author, entrepreneur and politician who represents Pétion-ville in the Chamber of Deputies, and by Daniele Jean-Pierre, the co-founder and Managing Director of Zimbali. networks, which provides smart ledger solutions for the decentralized economy.

The pair have taken us through Haiti’s history to show how a shameful century-long legacy of slavery-era debt continues to burden the country. Debt, imposed by France to punish Haitian citizens for breaking free from their slave masters in a rebellion that won their independence in 1804, later became an asset owned by the United States and managed by a bank. which would become Citibank. In this sense, this long-standing problem relates directly to the question of Wall Street’s power and dominance in the era of dollar hegemony, a power that is being challenged, in theory, by crypto technology. -currency and blockchain.

The discussion then turns to solutions, technological or otherwise, that might exist to create a system that empowers people rather than leaving them dependent on charity and foreign aid, with all the conditions attached to it.

It’s the kind of episode that reminds us why the ideas behind crypto and blockchain matter.

This episode was produced, edited and announced by Michele Musso. Our holiday theme song is “Santa Claus” by Cody Martin.


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