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Blockchain Bites: Coinbase Crowdsource wants to list assets; What is the condition of Tithar’s bank? – Coindesk

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Bitcoin is reddish after the announcement of President-elect Joe Biden last evening $ 1.9 trillion stimulus plan.

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Partners of partners
The Bitcoin ETC Group’s Exchange-Trade Product (ETP) (recently launched on the SIX Stock Exchange in Switzerland, although it trades elsewhere) Vol is much higher than the other 1,800 ETPs listed on Deutsche WelleExchange Dr. Meanwhile, BitWise has found a number of financial advisors allocating crypto to client portfolios. Increased 49% year on year, According to a survey of 900 money managers.

Coinbase Crowd Resources Coins
The popular exchange yesterday announced Asset Hub, a newly launched portal that will allow users Designate a cryptocurrency for business On the exchange. “We are grateful that the development of cryptocurrency depends on the success of digital asset providers and we are committed to supporting issuers as much as possible,” said an executive.

Money flow
The blockchain mortgage platform image says it has closed a Million 100 million financing facility For JPMorgan’s mortgage products. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the mortgage business grew by about 50% month-on-month, the agency said. The Coinbase initiative is funded by mining company Titan The seeds are round, When Merchant Bank will digitalize the Galaxy Start digging bitcoin And providing financial services for miners.

Quick bite

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Market Intel

Dot matrix?
As the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to rise this year, many traders are looking for an indicator of when – or if – the bull market will end. Some are convinced of their answer: they are testing the local token Polcadat (DOT) of the Polcadat blockchain, as a potential canary in coal mines for cryptocurrency. Muao Shen of Koindesk Covers market movements.


We’ve been covering Tether here for a while now, but the recent issuer who parked his funds there is a good reason to check in on a recent headline about the bank. Hugo Rogers, chief investment officer at Deltech Bank and Trust, said in a video recording sent to his clients late in the year, recently published in Crypto Media, that it was investing some client funds in Bitcoin.

According to the video (which I haven’t seen personally), Rogers said the bank bought Bitcoin for about, 9,300 before the last runup. “[S]And that has worked very well by 2020, and we hope that it will continue to do well in 2021 as the printing presses continue to heat up, “Rogers said in the video.

An investment official at Bahamian Bank said the statement, in addition to the release of Bitcoin bulls, raised questions about Teether’s reserves. Tether (USDT) is a US dollar-pegged stablecoin. It is the issuer, Tether, a company that shares executives with the Bitfinex Crypto Exchange, maintaining a stable relationship with Greenback on the basis of cash or cash equivalents in the hands of Deltech.

Deltech made it clear that Roger’s statement “had nothing to do with the property of the deposit with Tether Detech.” So tither reserves are certainly not supported by bitcoin. Or at least not Bitcoin that Deltech’s investment executives started buying in Q42020.

So what’s the point of supporting Tithar?

With less than ৫০ 50 billion in teaters, there has been a fivefold increase since early 2020, with more than ২৪ 24 billion in existence. Theoretically, the standing teacher reserves at Bahamian Bank would have to be about 24 24 billion.

When Lots Vouchers for the agency and the currency, Tether has yet to make a full audit of its reserves. In 2019, Bitfinex and Tether called the New York court Tether Only% 4% backed up By cash and short-term protection rather than maintaining a full peg, although a few months later they Return this claim.

In short, no one outside of Teether can be absolutely sure that the popular is supporting Stablecoin. Tether is not as decentralized as other cryptocurrencies, nor does it have a hard cap on the amount it creates.

It is now the third largest crypto in terms of market cap, probably the most trafficked crypto in the case of Tether Trade volume. It is not only used as a legitimate means of payment (Syndesk says it is often used) Skirt ban In China and Russia) but also as a common trade pair and place for investors to park their money during market volatility.

“The growth of the teaser in 2020 was spectacular. As we begin to talk about trader tetherization, the lion’s share of spot trading volumes are now marked on the Tether (USDT) token, “said Bitcoin’s Chief Technology Officer and Tether Paolo Ardino, a spokesman for Kindesk in December.” Is also used, ”he continued.

According to Ardoino’s advice, the amount of tether depends entirely on the needs of the original stable. The company is pulling tethers on the basis of orders from exchanges, traders and others, although it is not directly clear who is calling for the launch of mint due to the limited knowledge of your customer.

A few of these questions may be answered soon. As part of an ongoing lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General, Bitfinex and Tether face off. Deadline is January 15th loan 850 million to cut the hole to provide millions of pages of documents related to the loan provided to Tithar Bitfinex.

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