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First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Stabilizes Near $ 43,000 As Layer 1 Tokens Gain Attention

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Market movements: Bitcoin stabilized at nearly $ 43,000 after Wednesday’s sale, as traders’ attention turned to Layer 1 tokens.

Technician’s opinion: Oversold signals remain intact for bitcoin, although the rise is limited.

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Bitcoin (BTC): $ 43,073 -1.09%

Ether (ETH): $ 3,407 -4.097%


S&P 500: 4,696 at 0.096%

DJIA: 36,236 -0.47%

Nasdaq: 15,080 -0.13%

Gold: $ 1,790 -1.09%

The market is moving

Bitcoin stabilized around $ 43,000 after falling to nearly $ 42,000, while a few Layer 1 tokens such as Harmony (ONE), Phantom (FTOM), Cosmos (ATOM), and NEAR ( NEAR) quickly turned green despite Wednesday’s massive sell-off. .

At the time of writing, bitcoin, the oldest cryptocurrency, was trading at $ 43,073, down 1.09% in the past 24 hours, according to CoinDesk data.

Data from TradingView and Binance shows that most of the dumping events took place on Wednesday during trading hours in the United States. Notably, the price of the No.1 cryptocurrency only took a small hit during Asian hours on Thursday.

Hourly chart of the BTC / USTD pair on Binance.  (Source: TradingView, Binance)

Babel, a Hong Kong-based crypto lender, wrote in its Jan.5 newsletter that bitcoin failed to follow the ‘Santa Rally’ of US stocks in the last week of 2021, potentially because of the ban on crypto trading in China. December 31 was the deadline for many Chinese crypto exchanges to stop offering crypto trading services to users in mainland China.

The slight sell-off during Asian hours, a trading session known as bearish for crypto prices in 2021, could indicate that the crypto selling pressure linked to China maybe finished.

Meanwhile, crypto Twitter shows that many traders have turned their attention to trading in alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoin), with a few Layer 1 tokens seeing gains despite a wider crypto sell-off.

According to Messari’s asset filter, Harmony, Cosmos, Phantom, and NEAR – all tokens associated with smart contract platforms, are among the biggest winners on Thursday. Harmony (ONE) prices, for example, were up 10.7% at the time of writing.

Crypto traders continued to bet on the success of Layer 1 tokens because solana, Earth and avalanche last year impressive price returns were recorded. Layer 1 blockchains have been one of the crypto industry’s biggest narratives, especially over the past few years. Their success came as Ethereum, the n ° 1 blockchain by the total value of the tokens locked in the smart contract, has become too crowded, leading to an increase in its transaction fees.

The technician’s point of view

Bitcoin Stabilizes After Sell, Resistance Near $ 45,000- $ 50,000

Bitcoin (BTC) fell below initial support at $ 45,000 on Wednesday, but then stabilized around $ 42,000, which is near the low of the December 5 crash. The oversold signals remain intact, suggesting that selling pressure may ease.

Given the series of lower prices since November, support ranges and oversold readings are considered counter trend. This reduces the likelihood of a significant buying force until the downtrend is reversed.

There is strong resistance ahead which could limit short term bullish moves. For example, the price momentum turned negative on the monthly chart, indicating a possible change in trend from bullish to bearish.

Additionally, bitcoin remains stuck below key moving averages and is around 35% below its all-time high of around $ 69,000.

The cryptocurrency has fallen by around 8% over the past week as buyers failed to break above $ 50,000.

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